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COVID Recovery Program

Professional physical therapists  providing high quality services

ATHLETICO COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation

Athletico Physical Therapy

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Address the physical and cognitive decline that impacts strength, cardiovascular endurance, joint mobility, speech, swallowing, and cognition.

Emerson Hospital COVID-19 Recovery Program

Emerson Hospital

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Conduct a comprehensive assessment and create an individualized plan to help every patient achieve optimal physical and mental recovery.

GW Medical Faculty Associates

The GW Medical Faculty Associates

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Designed to be done alone by the patient in their room.

Home Rehabilitation Program

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Service Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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At Mayo Clinic, the primary treatment for post COVID-19 syndrome is guided rehabilitation.

Mayo Clinic CARP program

Mayo Clinic

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Provide consultation, direct care as needed, and on-going care through primary care offices for patients who have lingering physical, cognitive or behavioral symptoms.

Penn Medicine Post-COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Therapy

Penn Medicine

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Provide a number of services based on each patient’s individual need beyond the breadth of just COVID recovery.

Spaulding COVID Rehabilitation Program

Spaulding Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

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A virtual program to help
you continue to recover and heal

St. Jude COVID-19 Wellness Program

St. Jude

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Help manage the lingering symptoms of COVID-19 that continue to affect day-to-day life, including body, mood, mind, function

UM Medicine Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery

UW Medicine

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