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ATHLETICO COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation

ATHLETICO COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy


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About this program 

How We Can Help with COVID-19 Rehabilitation

When working with our clinicians, each patient is evaluated so we can create an individualized treatment plan. For COVID-19 rehabilitation, your treatment can include:

  • Exercise Training

    • Strengthening for breathing muscles

    • Upper and lower body strengthening

    • Aerobic exercise and reconditioning

    • Stretching

    • Balance and body awareness

    • Functional activity simulation

  • Education

    • Relaxation / panic control

    • Energy conservation

    • Activity modification

  • Manual Therapy

    • Torso and chest wall mobility

    • Diaphragm stretching / release

  • Breathing control / retraining

  • Body positioning training

  • Screening for psychosocial comorbidities that frequently coincide with fatigue symptoms

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