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GW Medical Faculty Associates

GW Medical Faculty Associates


Multi-disciplinary treatment or care


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About this program 

Our physicians at The GW Medical Faculty Associates have been caring for patients with COVID-19 since the early days of the pandemic in our region, and our researchers have been at the forefront of efforts to understand its pathogenesis, immunology, and treatment. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some patients who survive the disease experience long-lasting symptoms and negative effects on their health. These can include long-lasting effects on the heart, lung, immune system, mental health, and overall quality of life. Such persistent “long-haul” complications have been reported by our patients and described in the medical literature.

We are offering a new COVID-19 Recovery Clinic to support patients who struggle with long-term symptoms after COVID-19. The new clinic is lead by providers within the Division of General Internal Medicine and the Division of Infectious Diseases, with additional support from:

This multi-disciplinary clinic offers up-to-date medical knowledge, compassionate care, and supportive resources in the service of our patients recovering from COVID-19. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment and create an individualized plan to help every patient achieve optimal physical and mental recovery.

After the initial assessment, patients will be further directed for specific tests or specialist consultations as needed. We look forward to continuing to learn about this new disease together with our patients, to offer opportunities to help advance scientific knowledge, and to grow as a community in response to this challenge.

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