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St. Jude COVID-19 Wellness Program

St. Jude COVID-19 Wellness Program


Virtual program


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About this program 

The St. Jude COVID-19 Wellness Program is a unique 30-day virtual program that provides additional help and support in targeting common COVID-19 side effects while also improving your overall health. This online program uses daily lessons, videos and classes to not only continue your progress but add several new elements to your recovery.

What you’ll learn:
  • Research-based breath work to both increase lung function and reduce anxiety. You’ll start with a virtual private consultation with our yoga and mindfulness coach and then continue to receive additional recorded lessons to teach you how to use specific breath exercises to improve breathing and well-being.

  • Nutritional strategies to reduce the inflammation that contributes to so many COVID-19 side effects as well as other illnesses and diseases. Videos and lessons include cooking demonstrations, expert nutritional advice, and easy-to-follow recipes.

  • Gentle movement and stretching sessions designed and recorded by our fitness experts to address the specific needs of post-COVID-19 patients. You can also access dozens of live-streamed and recorded exercise classes that help address issues from muscle weakness and balance issues, to exercising with painful joints.

Many begin this program while finishing our COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program, but participating in structured therapy is not required to benefit from this innovative online program. Anyone can sign up and no physician referral is needed. The flat fee of $99 also includes access to all live-streamed and recorded exercise and nutritional classes offered at the St. Jude Wellness Center. T

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